EU Presidency

The Presidency of the Council of the EU rotates among the Member States every six months. Ireland held the Presidency for the 7th time from January to June 2013. The presiding Member State advances the Union’s ongoing work agenda, and has an opportunity to shape and influence EU policy and legislation.

During Ireland’s Presidency in 2013, 180 events were held in Ireland and almost 15,000 official delegates were welcomed along with over 500 visits by the international press. The vast majority of the events took place in Dublin Castle and the Royal Hospital Kilmainham; With Taste were honoured to cater for all of these events in 2013, but also to cater for events held during the two previous presidencies from January to June in 2004 and July to December in 1996. The best remembered was in 2004 for the Day of Welcomes Ceremony in Farmleigh on May 1st when 10 Member States acceded to the EU.