With Taste is the premier catering and hospitality resource for corporate and private events, based in Dublin.


Our Story

People and family have always been at the heart of our company and these values are personified in our client and customer relationships.


Our philosophy

Our philosophy is really simple: it is customer first, every time. This means that we deliver the finest quality food that Ireland has to offer with the warmest hospitality, always.

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With years of experience combined with up-to-date industry research, we are experts in event catering, of all shapes and sizes, and can meet your needs down to the most intriguing detail. Our team are passionate about meeting clients expectations, no matter how simple or complex, with impeccable attention to detail, creating events that are innovative and thoughtful.

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Sample Menus



Dinner Menu 1

Dinner Menu 2

Dinner Menu 3

Dinner Menu 4

BBQ Menus

Canape Menu

Stand Up Working Lunch

Supper Bowls